Why You Must Not Ignore QR Codes For Your Modeling Career

Why You Must Not Ignore QR Codes For Your Modeling Career

Have you got your own personal QR Code yet? Would you really know what exactly what a QR code is used for? It is an excellent tool to have for aspiring models. The initials are actually short for Quick Response simply because they can be read instantly with a smartphone thanks to an app.

As soon as the URL is in your cell phone, it may provide you with information about the business; give you directions, and even the ways to access coupons. You can even keep tabs on the number of times the barcode has been scanned. QR codes resemble a bar code and are sprouting up just about everywhere including in magazines, billboards, and websites. These are cutting-edge in nature and remind me of watching the cartoon The Jetsons.

I even saw a one a few days ago on a person’s t-shirt. They are a terrific way to provide all of your URL’s to a single centralized location and getting rid of clutter. Take me Plus Size Modeling Headquarters for example, we have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, this blog and a Pinterest page, just to name a few  It would be of little substance to present someone with a business card that includes 5 different web addresses on it plus having 5 distinct custom business cards would be a pointless expense.

For that reason as an alternative, the wise move to make would be to combine together with a single location giving your clients, and followers the ways to access you all over the Internet. If you happen to add a site or perhaps a brand new venture don’t worry, simply add that link to the centralized location.  If the QR Codes are to improve, we have 2 other options to be able to get the job done on the way up to using QR Codes.

Aspiring Plus Size Models

we connect with lots of women online with ambitions of becoming a model. an awesome plan would be to have one of your images designed into a t-shirt with a QR Code definitely and become your own personal walking/talking billboard. this can be a wonderful means to promote yourself. People surely will stop you and ask you about yourself.


Another great way to market yourself is called About Me . This site will consolidate your information for you without requiring you to use a QR Code.

Where can you get QR Code?

QR Codes are becoming famous worldwide. To get your free QR Code here.

What have you done to promote yourself online or locally? Drop us a line and comment!