The 3-Step Journey to Becoming a Plus Size Model

The 3-Step Journey to Becoming a Plus Size Model

Your first step into the world of plus size modeling can be intimidating. But if you’re truly interested in being a plus size model and you have the height and figure that modeling agencies are seeking, then you definitely need to audition to search for modeling jobs that can help you start your career as a model.

1. Look for Inspiration

Start out your plus size modeling career through checking out the many plus models that are already working and succeeding as your motivation. Be inspired from the way they prevailed and became well-known in their careers.

Keep in mind that finding a modeling job can be difficult in the beginning. Sometimes you might even be compelled to participate in free fashion shows and even commercial projects in order to add something to your modeling portfolio.

2. Be Inquisitive 

The crucial element in exploring into plus size modeling is being inquisitive. Being inquisitive means that you genuinely wish to know more about the career you will be developing. Remember that plus size modeling is an area of the fashion industry. So, you will need to be open minded and inspiring the most effective way you can, primarily for voicing out your creative ideas.

3. Decide on a Strong Modeling Agency to Join

Your next and most crucial factor will be to choose an agency where you can begin your plus size modeling career. These agencies can help you with networking and locating modeling jobs. Take the time to assess each modeling agency you might want to be part of.

  • Ford Models is considered to be one of the most prime modeling agencies in the international fashion scene. Being part of the Ford Models will make you rich and famous. Though it does not really focus on its plus-size modeling division, it makes one known through the agency’s brand.

You may want to start with your local plus size modeling agencies that we’ve provided for you here to get your foot in the door but you should know there are also some of the top modeling agencies in the world have plus size divisions as well:

Dorothy Combs Models typically requires models to be of a height of at least beginning at 5’9”.  You will also be required to fit in clothing in sizes 10 and above.

Wilhelmina Curve Division employs plus size models via its onshore and overseas offices. It is additionally one of many most well-known and extraordinary modeling agencies that ambitious models just like you should admire.

In the United States, the plus size division generally will start if your size exceeds a size 6. So, this does not necessarily mean you need to be “large” to be regarded as plus size in the modeling industry. There are models which are presently thought to be plus size even though they don’t have considerable curves.