Featured Plus Size Model: Rosie Mercado

Featured Plus Size Model: Rosie Mercado

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5ft 9 in

Waist: 44

Hips: 39


Rosie’s bio describes her as, “today’s antithesis to models half her size and a role model for plus size women all over the globe”. Rosie’s sheer will of domination and reinvention of both the modeling and fashion industry is propelled by her ambitious attitude in captivating the essence of the present in leading the fight for plus-size women to be less clandestine and more out in the world. Among starring in Curvy Girls, Rosie’s modeling profile includes Miss Plus America Covergirl, Miss Plus America Runway Model, Miss Plus America Peoples Choice, the face of Full Figure Fashion Week 2010,Curvy Qt, Oscar Picazo Book, Curvy Girl Clothing and Igigi. Visit her website at: www.rosiemercado.com 


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