5 Ways to Network Your Plus Size Modeling Career on Twitter

5 Ways to Network Your Plus Size Modeling Career on Twitter

1.    Always be professional:

Twitter is an extremely simple medium to network your plus size modeling career however you must realize that if you are trying to attract the attention of recruiters and others in the modeling world, then you certainly need to represent yourself in a pleasing and qualified light.  Your personal Twitter profile should incorporate professional modeling photos, a proper bio and a link to your personal resume, LinkedIn profile or website.  If you want to take advantage of Twitter for more entertaining purposes, in that case use a different Twitter account under another name.

2.    Raise your presence:

Tweets are generally limited open public statements which are posted somewhat similar to mini-press releases.  You should use them to supply business posts, comments or for retweeting reports or information that you believe other people might be interested in.  Make use of # just before you include relevant key phrases and important in your tweets in order that it might be noticed by other Twitter users exploring using those keywords and phrases.

3.    Try to make connections with others in the fashion and modeling industry:

You should follow individuals and agencies and receive their regular posts.  They will oftentimes follow you back.  Make use of this relationship to send out a direct message in the purpose of building a relationship that could translate towards an email message exchange, a phone call and subsequently with a little luck a meeting.  It happens to be far more appropriate and much easier to follow total strangers on Twitter as compared to it is on LinkedIn or Facebook.

4.    Search for Plus Size Modeling Jobs:

A lot of modeling jobs are actually posted on Twitter and you could setup twitter and e-mail notifications for the particular type of modeling job that you are searching for and be alerted as soon as they are published.

5.    Display a great personality!

Twitter is an extremely casual place and it also is effective whenever the tweets come across as a human being and personalized instead of rigid and robotic.

  • Talk about a viewpoint.
  • Benefit from a sense of humor.
  • Display exactly how strong you are feeling with regards to subjects in which really make a difference to you.

Yet, keep in mind that in case you are job searching, you need the people in your network (fellow models, agents, clients, photographers, make-up artists, etc.) to remain impressed, never tweet anything that may have a negative effect.

For instance criticizing previous jobs, employers, peers or clients or any situation that implies that you are or could possibly be difficult to work with or hire.  Clients and agencies will also be totally disinterested in what’s going on in your everyday life, for that reason make the tweets personable but relevant to a professional plus size modeling career audience.