Modeling Comp Cards – Is This a Declining Trend?

Modeling Comp Cards – Is This a Declining Trend?

Technology is great but it definitely has room for improvement.  The “old days” of Cassette Players, Beepers and VCR’s are long gone. In today’s times, it’s IPhones, XBOX, PS3, DVD’s, etc.

The most significant transition in which I have personally realized could be that the modeling industry proceeded to go digital. Some modeling agencies are publishing their submissions on the internet.

Photographers of the modeling profession in the past had been basically working with rolls of film and then the models would be given a contact sheet of which showed each of their photographs. After that your pictures ended up being chosen after which converted into comp cards. The procedure appeared to be considerably longer than what it is currently.

These days, professional photographers are mostly implementing digitals. The advantages significantly outweigh those of film. Digitals could be altered using a software application generally known as Photoshop. This is a great thing but it has its negative points as well.  You are able to experiment using the color enhancing capabilities for example your hair or simply your eyes. The most crucial factor to remember is: don’t go over the top when using the improvements.

You need to be sure you look like your images whenever you are going on a casting. If you Photoshop your picture too much, you could show up to an audition and be required to leave. The most beneficial advantage is the fact that it will save you money on printing charges. You do not have to have a great deal of comp cards printed out. Your agent can certainly download plus scan your comp card and distribute it. You will be also able to revise your comp card more often just as you have tearsheets from prior plus size modeling jobs.

Take into account that several modeling agencies continue to be making use of comp cards simply because some clientele aren’t as technically knowledgeable. Some other agencies have their own personal website which is where they showcase their models for their clientele to check out.

A number of the industry experts are actually predicting it will likely be a few more years when comp cards end up being outdated.

Therefore considering the extra cash you are likely to save on printing expenses, why not get yourself a domain name or perhaps start a blog site, network with other models and additionally market yourself?