(Infographic) Curves Take Command: The Plus Size Revolution

(Infographic) Curves Take Command: The Plus Size Revolution

The plus-size fashion industry might have encountered plenty of tough criticism previously, but curvy models are now taking over the fashion world. Check out this infographic titled “Curves Take Command: The Plus Size Revolution Infographic” outlining exactly how plus-size women are taking back fashion. A hard truth!

Plus-size consumers represent more than 2/3 of the shopping public. this means plus-size women yield $16 billion in retail industry earnings each year. during the past six years, the average dress size has grown from 12-14, and fashion labels have became aware. In the fall of 2013, France’s first plus-size fall fashion week was held. In a recent survey from “Plus Model Magazine”, 94.8 percent of respondents said that a size 6,8, or 10 model shouldn’t be viewed as a plus size model. also, 91.4 percent preferred seeing plus-size models larger than a size 12 in promotions, marketing campaigns, as well as magazines.




Via:  Alight.com