How to Get Creative and Make the Most of Your Office Wardrobe

How to Get Creative and Make the Most of Your Office Wardrobe

The majority of women in general find it difficult looking for suits that fit properly and have a style that fits their attitude, but curvy women have it the most challenging. When it comes to pant suits or even skirt suits, curvy women have the least variety of alternatives, both in superior quality and style.

Many department stores only have a couple of different styles; actually it’s an issue for curvy women to get enough suits to carry them through a full work week. This is when creativeness is necessary because with the right amount of blending different garments, it’s possible to produce an amazing amount of outfits using only a couple of pieces.

What you need to have

The purpose of this exercise is to create the largest clothing collection possible when it comes to distinctly different outfits. it’s not to be mistaken for having a large amount of clothes, the truth is if this is executed the right way 3 skirts, 3 suits, 3 pairs of pants and 5 blouses could easily create as many as 18 base suits and/or sport coat trouser combinations as well as 50 individual outfits, which means it might be possible to go for 2 working months without having to repeat a single pairing. The objective here is versatility.

Begin with patterned and/or textured suits. Understated designs will give your suit far more flexibility as it can be worn as separates and even paired with a larger selection of underpinnings. Get sophisticated tweed to add to your outfit.

Match this with flat and solid colored slacks and skirts. Taking the jacket and combining it together with pants and skirts, as separates, gives you a lot more distinctive outfits which goes over and above the basic pant suit or skirt suit.

Always opt for suits and separates which follow the same lines. In case your suit is a slim fit modern suit, match it along with a modern pair of pants. If it is a wide leg type suit, match this with an “A line” skirt. This might be a little tricky to find, if you would like to minimize your shopping time, custom suits might be something to think about. Pairing clothing having similar lines of design provides an impressive and more streamlined look when you combine them together.

Mix your base suits with complementing and contrasting tops. Rotate your blouses as necessary can give the illusion of a much larger wardrobe. For instance a dark grey suit paired with a white shirt works as a totally different look than the very same dark grey jacket top paired with a khaki trouser and a yellow shirt.

The most important thing to remember when you are shopping is to be flexible. Blending your pant suits and skirt suits together with separates will help you increase and take full advantage of your curves and your work clothes.

Photo Credit: Macy’s