How Many Times Will Target Fail Plus Size Women?

How Many Times Will Target Fail Plus Size Women?

Sometimes certain stores just get you, you know? I’m talking about the stores that are there for you when you need them (hello, retail job!) and the stores that always have your back. (Seventy percent off rack when my bank account is struggling? Perfect.) But fashion blogger Chastity Garner of GarnerStyle recently penned a breakup letter to one of her former loves when she decided to boycott Target over its Joseph Altuzarra collaboration because, once again, the brand didn’t bother to include plus-size options for shoppers.

After Target revealed that it would release its next designer collab with Altuzarra, I admit that I was blindly excited. I gushed over the lookbook that was released last week, and admired the craftsmanship and designer quality that is consistently being brought to an accessible and relatively affordable store such as Target. But as a plus-size woman, Garner’s letter spoke to me and brought me back to the reality of the exclusion of plus-size women from an otherwise accessible market. So I am joining Chastity Garner and many other plus-size women who are vowing to #boycottTarget.

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