A Guide to The Various Types of Plus Size Modeling

A Guide to The Various Types of Plus Size Modeling

The following is a useful overview of a few of the diverse market segments and needs for plus size models.

Plus Size Lingerie Modeling:

Truly great plus size lingerie models tend to be difficult to find. Not only are vendors as well as agencies searching for captivating women from sizes 10 to 18, they are also in search of beautifully shaped, curvy bodies that will truly help to make their images explode!

Most of the time, a lingerie photo shoot can also be completely different than that of a catalog or fashion shoot. They may prefer sensual, sexy or possibly even playful emotions and you must be comfortable with your body as well as your sexuality in order to display the necessary feelings.

Plus size catalog photo shoots for clothing are very different than plus size lingerie modeling. Most companies are looking for plus size models that are from sizes 10 to 18 with well-proportioned bodies, pretty faces and positive, professional attitudes. Since plus size clothing is designed to flatter fuller figures, you may not have to worry about being as toned as for plus size lingerie. In many cases, these shoots are more about smiling, laughing, and being active. If you are modeling plus size swimwear or active-wear, you may need to have a more toned physique.

Plus size fashion shoots will always prefer the well prepared:

Even though you could end up displaying plenty of skin, couture plus size fashion will certainly fit better and appear better if you are nicely toned and filling out the garments in all the proper places. On top of that, high fashion is commonly made from high end silks and satins that can be less forgiving than cottons and knits. With smooth lines that will showcase your lovely curves, a fashion house or publication will be more likely to book you for other modeling jobs.

Last but not least, various geographic markets call for diverse sized plus size models. For example, the UK market prefers sizes 12 and 14, American client’s book certain sizes anywhere from 10 to 18, as the Italian market targets sizes 12 to 16. Markets such as South America are beginning to introduce plus models while the German market continue to prefer sizes 8 to 12.

One particular unifying component to plus size modeling is undoubtedly your attitude.

If you’re a go-getter that arrives at every single shoot positive and prepared to work, you will be much more likely to be a successful plus size model. The plus size models that truly stand out are definitely properly groomed and ready to slip into whatever role they may be called on to execute. Whether representing the self-assured business woman or a sexy siren, the most effective plus size models sparkle with inner confidence. The very best plus models are aware that they’re sexy and fabulous because of their curves, certainly not in spite of them.