A Few Plus Size Modeling Tips to Motivate You Right Now

A Few Plus Size Modeling Tips to Motivate You Right Now

Do you know that the normal female in the United States is a size 14?

The times of the “skinny models” really are over. Models today come in virtually all shapes, sizes, and colors of the rainbow. Companies don’t automatically need the unquestionably gorgeous models to market their products or services. They are searching for models that customers can easily connect with and who will be believable.

If you don’t believe that this is the case, look at the popular Dove Campaign for “Real Beauty” which highlighted everyday full-figured women advertising and marketing their products on billboards across the country wearing bras and panties.

Have a look at the video of their Dove Evolution Campaign:

Think about Tocarra from America’s Next Top Model who as well made it easier to be noticed as a plus size model. Last of all, there is Queen Latifah who began her career as a rap artist from New Jersey and is now a featured Cover Girl.

Who would have dreamed that this would have taken place inside the modeling industry?

In terms of plus size modeling today numerous doors have been completely opened and it is for you to decide just what path you will take. There are countless categories of modeling you could choose which are beyond the world of full-figured or supermodel.

The following are only a small sample of the various kinds of modeling and models.

Depending on where you live will probably specify the type of modeling work you will get. Consider what assets you have and use them to your advantage. Consider a few questions!

  • Do you have impressive hands or feet?
  • Is your hair vibrant and flexible?
  • Do you have an incredible walk?

There is plenty of modeling work out there and bucks to be made in this wild world we call modeling. So do not get disheartened, be motivated!