8 Remarkable Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally

8 Remarkable Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally

Personal appearance plays a very important role in your everyday life from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. Eating right, exercising and staying happy are not always enough when it comes to enhancing your beauty.

While going on a date, attending a party or a wedding you really need to get all dressed up for the occasion. Dressing up includes hair and make-up. We often forget that while these are the “obvious” ways to enhance our beauty, there are ways to simply enhance your “natural beauty” at the same time:

1. Your Smile

A great smile is worth a million bucks! People naturally feel closer to someone who flashes them a warm and sincere smile. However, healthy teeth and gums makes flashing that smile a whole lot better.

2.  Your Eyes

If the eyes are window into the soul, then they certainly deserve special attention. For many plus size women, their eyes are noted as one of their most beautiful assets. Think Kirstie Alley. How about some eyeliner and mascara to bring out your beautiful eyes? If you need glasses, then it’s certainly worth investing in a stylish set of frames.

3. Your Fingernails

A pair of well-manicured hands can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Whether you have your nails done by professionally or if you do them yourself, choose a color that compliment your complexion and use a polish that won’t chip.

4. Your Booty

Some prefer a large butt and some don’t, whichever you prefer… it can be quite sexy! Walking up stairs will help in working your booty muscles. You can use a set of stairs or get a stair stepper. The classic hourglass shape is what men are looking for, a large chest, wide hips and a somewhat smaller stomach. If you are blessed enough to have an hourglass figure then just about any type of clothing in your size will look great, even tight fitting jeans. Don’t hide that beautiful shape by wearing tent-like clothing!

5.  Your Skin

Smooth, blemish-free skin that has a healthy glow is extremely sexy. Keeping hydrated is a great way to keep your skin fresh and healthy. With hydrated skin, you will certainly look more attractive. Water is the best source to keep your skin hydrated but at times it is not sufficient. Good moisturizers are available which provide nourishment and softness to your skin.

6. Your Cleavage

Despite of popular belief, not all plus size woman is well endowed up top. However, if you got it, then don’t be shy about flaunting it. This feature is one of the main hallmarks of the hourglass figure.

7. Your Hair

Your hair can be your best asset. Relax it, Perm it, Add extensions or do whatever you like. Just do your best to make your hair look great. Also, don’t forget about the possibility of calling attention to your face with hats, especially during spring and summer.

8. Your Heart and Soul

Though this is not technically physical body parts, your heart and soul are absolutely your most important features! What good is a beautiful package that’s empty inside? Every human being should constantly and consistently be working to be a great person. This is what makes you interesting to others. And a kind heart is a huge turn on. Pride in your health and your appearance along with your intellectual and spiritual growth will go a long way towards making you irresistible to those around you!