5 Ways to Stop Being Afraid to Shop For Plus Size Clothing

5 Ways to Stop Being Afraid to Shop For Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing shopping can be a pain for some and a great time for others. No matter if you enjoy it and go shopping twice a week, or hate it and go shopping twice a year, you can make it a stress-free experience regardless of what size you might be.

Apply these plus size shopping strategies to help your wardrobe quest the fantastic experience it really should be.

1. Put on Your Best Undergarments:

Except when you’re shopping for sweats and t-shirts, you shouldn’t shop in your sports bra. To get the best fit put on a support bra and underwear that will keep you smooth underneath your clothes.

2. Know Your Measurements:

Do you realize that I didn’t say know your size. Your personal size will be different based on what you’re shopping for. The brand name, style or even the fabric will make a difference. No 2 size 16’s are identical in our opinion. This means your clothes and YOU because every woman is shaped completely different. For that reason ask one of your good friends (it’s less complicated this way) along with a measuring tape.

Ask them to measure across the fullest part of your bust line, your natural waistline and around the fullest portion of your hips. Pull the measuring tape snug, not necessarily tight. Jot down these numbers and put them away somewhere safe, they will be extremely convenient, particularly if you are unable to or don’t want to try garments on. We highly recommend you try on garments whenever you can, except in cases where it’s an item you have owned before.

3. Go shopping with a Friend:

An opinion you have faith in is an important thing, particularly when you are going to get out of your comfort zone and try out different styles or colors inside your wardrobe. If you must shop by yourself yet need a little advice, chat with a sales person and have her choose what she thinks looks great on you. This can provide you with a sense of her style/taste as well as plus size knowledge. Make use of the sales employees (They tend to be honest in their opinion) to get suggestions about what you’re trying on.

4. Be sure you dress Comfortably Head to Toe:

Shopping for and trying on clothes can be exhausting for many women so always make sure you’re comfy when you do it. Easy on; easy off is how it goes! Don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable shoes, especially when you’re going to be walking through the shopping mall for hours on end. A basic slip on flat will have you in and out of dressing rooms in no time.

5. Size is a rule of thumb, not an end goal

Remember this and your shopping experience is going to be a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. If you get caught in the pitfall of thinking you need to be one particular size no matter what, you are going to make yourself miserable. Shopping for plus size clothing can differ significantly which means your perception of what “size” you are might limit your options. Feel free to go off of what size you “think” you are as a place to start. After that always be prepared to go up or down a size to find the perfect fit for you.

With the amount of plus size possibilities readily available both on online as well as in the department stores, shopping will be just as much enjoyable for curvy women as it is for any other woman, cool and trendy or even a classic look is available for you.

So I ask again, what are you afraid of when it comes to shopping? Drop us a line!